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Last updated 3:32 PM on 10 October 2011

These garden beds are NO DIG GARDENS.The children enjoyed the frozen fruit pops.We made salad wraps using our garden produce.

This Term has seen the introduction of our Kitchen Garden Program. Children have been involved in activities to establish our new NO DIG GARDEN BEDS, planting them with Kitchen Plants and continuing with their care.

Thank you to Di and John from Bunnings Dural for their donations and help to establish these gardens.

A big thank you to Mr Smith for helping us to maintain these gardens and helping with our gardening groups and to Mrs Dominello and Mrs Magro for our kitchen activities.

These gardens and our existing orchard have provided us with healthy produce to use as a focus for class and peer group learning activities including health and safety in the garden and kitchen; reading about and research of seeds, seedlings and plants, garden beds, life cycles, weather and healthy recipes, while enjoying the taste of the produce we produce.

On our first food days we enjoyed the taste of

  • FROZEN FRUIT POPS using the juice of our oranges.
  • SALAD WRAPS using lettuce, beetroot leaves etc from our garden.
  • GARDEN SALADS with home-made dressing.

We are looking forward to our next FOOD DAY.