Our school

Paired Reading Activities are sometimes enjoyed outside.


At Middle Dural Public School we strive to provide a caring and challenging learning environment. We recognise that student learning best occurs when students are highly engaged, accept responsibility for their own learning and are supported at appropriate levels by teachers and parents. Student Welfare is a priority with care of, and cooperation with, others emphasised. This is further supported by the very nature of our 'small' school which children enjoy attending and feel proud of. The holistic development of each child is nurtured through our programs which cater for intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs. At Middle Dural School we believe that great relationships make a school an excellent environment for learning and take pride in a school where parents are participants, where every child counts as an individual and where every child is known by every teacher.

Our School Day commences with the bell ringing at 9:00am to prepare for the first Learning session.

Morning Session   9:05 - 11:05

Recess Break       11:05 - 11:30

Session 2              11:30 - 1:05

Lunch Break           1:05 - 1:55

Afternoon Session 1:55 - 3:05